Dealing With Staying At Home During Roof Repairs

When a roof repair is necessary, it is best to get it as soon as possible. Waiting around for roof repair gives the weather time to turn bad and make the roof even worse. If your residential roofing company has suggested that you have the entire roof redone, have them schedule a block of time when the weather seems mild and when you will be able to be home if necessary. Here are three tips on surviving a major roof replacement while you are residing in the home. 

Move everyone downstairs

If your house has more than one level, it is a good idea to move everyone from the upstairs rooms to the downstairs. Although you will still be able to hear the noise from downstairs, the noise will be quite reduced from what you would hear on the upper levels of the home. If all of the bedrooms are upstairs, set up sleeping areas downstairs so that everyone is comfortable. This can be done via recliners or fold out futons for everyone's comfort. 

Coordinate with the roofers to remain in opposite sections

Ask the roofers to detail which section of the roof they will be working on each day. If the roofers will be taking care of the back of the home, keep your family in the front. If the roofers will be placing shingles on the right side of the house, remain in the rooms on the left side when you are returning home. Coordinating to know where the work will be done will allow you to avoid any possible debris and will allow you to stay as far from the noise as possible. 

Purchase everyone over the ear headphones

Hearing roofing for a week at a time can be hard on the ears. This is especially true if you have babies or small children who will be sensitive to noise. Purchase everyone in the family a pair of over the ear headphones. Over the ear headphones will let you block out more noise than in-ear headphones due to the padded earpiece. If you can find noise-canceling headphones for inexpensive, your family can watch television, listen to music, or even video chat with others without having noise block issues. For babies, be sure to get headphones made specifically for children so that the headband matches their head width and the headphones do not slip off easily while napping or when reclining. 

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