Roof Suffering From Storm Damage? Know About These Alternative Roofing Materials

If your home seems to frequently be ravaged by harsh storms, you may have noticed a lot of damage caused to your roofing material. Instead of repairing the damage repeatedly, you may be better off upgrading the material to something better. There are alternative materials that are capable of withstanding damage from stronger winds and harsh storms, meaning you have to do fewer repairs to your roof in the end. Here are a few alternative materials you should consider using for your roof.

Wind Resistant Asphalt Shingles

If you're budget only allows you to use asphalt shingles on your roof, one factor you want to focus on is the materials wind speed rating. This info is often found on the packaging material next to any guarantee that is offered. You'll find that architectural asphalt shingles typically have a higher wind resistance rating and will be guaranteed to last longer, while also looking a lot better. You'll get the improved wind resistance as well as the look of shake roofing material. In addition, architectural asphalt shingles can hide all of the imperfections in your roof, so it will be difficult to notice any odd bumps or bulges that look weird with flat roofing material.

Synthetic Roofing Material

Another option is to use synthetic roofing material, which is constructed using composites that provide a look similar to shake roofing. For instance, you can use a form of synthetic slate roofing material, which is known to be cheaper than actual slate materials, yet still have great durability. Synthetic materials are also resistant to hail damage, which can be a big problem for cheaper materials like regular asphalt shingles. There won't be issues with synthetic materials where the protective layer of granules fall off the roofing material due to the impact from hail.

Metal Roofing Material

Homes located in regions with frequent storms can benefit from metal roofing material, which is very resistant to hail and high winds. Metal is incredibly durable, and has a long lifespan that will prevent the need for premature replacement. While you'll have superior protection from the storms, you'll also have protection from fire damage, since metal has a very good fire rating. This helps your home become better protected from wildfires, lightening strikes, and even help secure the structure during a house fire.

Not sure on which material is best for storm protection? Reach out to a company like Select Exteriors for assistance with purchasing and installing the material.

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