The Classic A-Frame Home: How Roofers Achieve This Look And Style

A-frame houses have a very distinct look. They are shaped like the capital letter "A", with the roofs and shingles coming all the way down to meet the ground. Modified A-frame houses have roofs that stop short of the ground by about a foot or two. In short, these homes appear to be almost entirely roof! If you are interested in building an A-frame home and you want to know more about how roofing services can help, here is some useful information.

Yes, They Are Mostly Roof

If you look at A-frame houses, they start with a deck. Each corner of the deck has a support that slants inward to meet the support in the opposite corner, forming two isosceles triangles. Over these triangular supports, a roofing contractor attaches several horizontal beams to connect the two triangle supports. Over the top of that, the roofing contractor attaches a layered, traditional asphalt shingle roof. However, if you so desire, you can have your contractor install individual wooden shaker shingles as roofing, which gives the A-frame house more of a Swiss chalet look.

Under the roof, the home's interior can be divided into two or three floors. The larger the A-frame exterior, the more floors you can construct. Some A-frame houses are massive, with all of the common areas on the first floor, and bedrooms on the second and, if applicable, third floors.

Almost all A-frame homes are open concept, meaning that you can see into bedrooms from the living room and kitchen below. There are ways of making the upper floors more private, if you want. As for windows and lighting, skylights are popular, as is making the ends of house entirely glass window. Not a lot of privacy is available if your end walls are entirely glass, so make sure you look into solid wall options with carefully placed windows.

Biggest Benefit of Having an A-frame Home

The biggest benefit to building an A-frame home is that roofers can build most of the house for you. In fact, the deck, angled roof supports, and the roof itself can all be built by the roofing contractor. This makes this style of house extremely economical.

A-frame houses can also be built rather quickly, for obvious reasons. Additionally, if your A-frame home is built in the mountains, or anywhere where there is a lot of snow for a big part of the year, the pitch of the roofs on these houses causes the snow to slide right off to the ground. You never have to clear snow and ice from your roofs or gutters.

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