Looking For Environmentally Friendly Roofing Replacement? 3 Things To Consider

Your home's roof is something that eventually will need to be replaced. If you are the type of person that is concerned about the environment, you may be wondering how you can do this home repair while being environmentally friendly at the same time.

Energy Efficiency

Your roof can conserve energy in several ways, which include how it was manufactured, how far away it was transported, and how well it keeps your home cool in the summer. While the first two factors occur over a relatively short period of time, the efficiency of the material at keeping your home cool will have a lasting effect over many years.

Reduce the amount of heat the material absorbs by installing a reflective roof coating. These will simply reflect the UV rays from the sun that tend to heat up your home, which makes the air conditioner not need to work as hard to provide cooling, conserving energy overall.

As for transportation energy waste, be sure to pick a roofing material that is sourced locally. By local, this does not always mean the state that you live in. To avoid getting roofing materials coming from overseas, picking a domestic roofing material made in the USA can go a long way to saving energy.

Heat Island

A problem in city areas that relates to roofs are heat islands. These are caused by many roofs being in close proximity to each other, and the dark color absorbs the heat from the sun and makes the climate warmer than normal. While a light colored roof is a good start to help contribute to preventing a heat island, you can also build a green roof as well. This is a roof that uses natural plants to keep the hot sun away from the surface. Not only will you be helping improve your local environment, but a green roof will cut down on home energy use as well.

Material Waste

You may have a concern with all your roofing material being thrown into a landfill. You may not have complete control over the roofing material coming off your roof, but you can make a difference in the future. Use roofing material that is recyclable. You may never see the payoff yourself, but when the roof needs to be replaced 20-30 years from now, you'll know that the materials can be reused for a new purpose.

For more info about how to make your roof energy efficient, speak with a local roofing contractor or visit websites like http://www.us-roofing.com

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