Installing Gutters? These Tips Will Help The Installation Go Smoothly

Planning on installing your own gutters?  While the installation of this common home feature may seem simple, there are some things you need to keep in mind for it to go smoothly.  Be sure to follow these tips when doing the installation on your own.

Create Your Layout

It helps to sketch out your idea of where the gutters will go.  By visualizing their placement, you will be sure not to miss any obvious spots where water could collect.  Gutters should go on every edge of the roof, even if the water runoff will fall on another section of your roof if the gutters are not there. It will catch the water and direct it away from the roof and prevent the water from wrapping around the edge and getting underneath the shingles.

Determining Your Downspouts

While the downspouts typically are placed at the corner of the house where the gutters end, you should put some thought into which corner the downspouts will go.  You'll want to pick a place where the downspout will be out of the way, but there will be a bit of a slope for the water to run off away from your home.  Avoid placing downspouts in places where water can get trapped, like under your deck.  When possible, use downspout extenders to get the water as far away as possible from your foundation.

Measure Your Roof

Before you purchase the materials for your gutters, you'll need to take measurements to know how much material you need to buy.  The good news is that you can do this from the ground, since the gutters on each side of the roof will be the same length of the side of your house.  Plan for some slight overlap of material when taking your measurements so that you have more than enough to cover each side of your roof.

Install Gutter Guards

When installing gutters, now is also the time to install gutter guards.  These screens fit over your gutters and prevent debris from getting into the gutters and causing clogs.  Not only do they help with the flow of water off your roof, but they can save you the hassle of having to clean the gutters after each fall. 

Do you not feel up to the task of installing your gutters on your own? Then hire a professional gutter service that can handle everything for you. It will ensure they are installed correctly, and you won't have to risk your safety to climb up to your roof and do the work yourself.

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