Misconceptions About Foam Roofing

Foam roofing is an increasingly popular type of roofing that is being used by homeowners who have low-sloped or flat roofs. Some homeowners have shied away from it, though, due to misconceptions about the roofing. To help clear up any confusion caused by those misconceptions, here is the truth about foam roofing.

Foam Roofing Is Toxic

One of the most commonly stated misconceptions about foam roofing is that it is toxic. The roofing is composed of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is found in a number of applications, including pillows and seat cushions. It is even found in the containers used for food and beverages, such as ketchup bottles.

The roofing material differs slightly from the polyurethane that is used inside other applications, but it is no more toxic than they are. The roofing material is designed to be more thermal-resistant and durable since it is exposed to the elements around the clock.

Foam Is Too Weak

Some homeowners believe that foam roofing is too weak and cannot even support a person walking on it. Ideally, you should not walk across your roofing, but if there is a need to do so, the foam roofing can offer the same support you would get from another type of roofing material.

The foam is a highly durable material that has been used for years to cover homes. It is important to note that if you do walk on the roof, wear rubber-soled shoes. The shoes will help prevent damage to the roof.

Foam Roofs Do Not Need Maintenance

Although foam roofs do not require extensive maintenance, they still need your attention. Regular care of your roofing not only helps to extend its lifespan, but it also helps you detect any problems with the roofing at an early stage.

Maintenance of the roof includes the basics, such as cleaning the debris from it. Moss and algae on the roofing can damage the protective coating on the roofing. The roofing could also be damaged by branches puncturing the surface.

In addition to cleaning the roofing, you need to have it professionally evaluated on an annual basis. The pro will check the coating on the roofing and recoat it, if necessary. Recoating extends the life of your roof, which saves you money in the long run.

Talk to a roofing specialist at a company like JC Roofing & Insulating about any other misconceptions you have heard about foam roofs. He or she can provide you with the facts about the roofing and help determine if it would be right for you.

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