2 Unusual Considerations When Considering A Roofing Material For A Queen Anne House

The Queen Anne is a type of Victorian-style home that first became popular in the United States between the late 1800s and early 1900s. If the outside of a Queen Anne could be summed up in two words, those words might be "purposeful disarray." The homes feature thoughtful asymmetry, ornamental details everywhere, and a roof that combines steeped gabled bases with dormers and turrets.

The complexity of the roof means the roof is a major design factor of the Queen Anne style home. And the roofing shingles can add to the look. If you own a Queen Anne that's in need of a shingle roof replacement, there are some unusual, style-specific considerations to keep in mind when choosing the material with your roofing contractors. 

Budgets Can Mount with the Varied, Large Surface Areas

The Queen Anne often has multiple gabled roofs on different segments of the house, which add up to a lot of surface area before you consider needing to put the new roofing material on the dormers and the turrets so everything matches. The project costs can add up quickly regardless of your building material. But you can keep costs as low as possible by incorporating asphalt shingles into your project.

Asphalt shingles are cost-efficient, lightweight yet durable, and can be made in a variety of colors and textures. Asphalt shingles could work perfectly fine as an all-over roofing material for each aspect of your Queen Anne's roof. Or you can use the asphalt more strategically.

For example, gabled roofs don't have enough bracing to support heavy roofing materials like slate or clay tiles. So you could use asphalt shingles on the gabled segments while saving slate or clay tile for the dormers or turrets, where the lower number of shingles won't add too much weight to the structure and also won't drive up your project costs too much.

Waterproofing Can Become a Major Concern with Turrets and Gables

The numerous elements on a Queen Anne roof mean that there are a variety of higher roofs overlapping over lower roofs and a variety of connection points between different roofing segments and protrusions. All of these elements can make waterproofing a Queen Anne rather trickier than waterproofing a simpler gable roof without any other factors.

Your roofing contractor will focus on waterproofing regardless of your chosen roofing material. But metal roofing can help ensure that each element of your roof is properly waterproofed.

You can opt for all-over metal roofing or, as with the asphalt, use the metal roofing strategically such as only on the gabled roof. Or your roofer can simply install metal flashing, or pieces of bendable metal roofing, around the trickier-to-waterproof connection points and install another roofing material over the flashing. Contact a company like Acoma Roofing for more information.

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