2 Considerations When Choosing A Roofing Material For A Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes were originally popular during the 1920s but continued on through the 1960s and further with subsequent revival stiles. A Cape Cod home is smaller but quaint with a distinct side gable roof, often with dormers providing more living space on the upper story.

If you own a Cape Cod home and are looking for roofing materials for a repair or complete replacement, there are a couple of architectural considerations to keep in mind while meeting with your roofing contractors to discuss residential roofing installation in your home.

Large, Curb-Facing Roof

A standard gable roof has two steeply sloping sides that straddle the house and meet at a sharp peak. The two sides create an opening, called the gable, that's on the front and back of the house. A Cape Cod house has a modified version of the gable with the gabled opening instead being on the sides of the house.  That means that there's one roof slope entirely facing the road, which means the roofing material can help or hurt your curb appeal.

A gable roof of any type has a decent amount of surface area that needs covered, which can add up to higher project costs than a flat roof would. If your mind is mostly towards the budget, consider the affordable and durable asphalt shingles.

Asphalt shingles are increasingly popular due to improved fabrication methods that make the material available in a range of colors and textures. The manufacturers even make asphalt shingles textured to resemble wood shingles, which is handy if your Cape Cod already has wood shingle siding that you want to blend in with the roof.

Waterproofing and Drainage

A standard gable is great at shedding off rain and snow due to the steep sloping sides. But a Cape Cod's modified gable also has a more moderate slope on the sides so the drainage isn't as effective  as seen with a standard gable. There are also potentially dormers in the way that can partially trap water or form waterproofing concerns at the edges where the dormers meet the main roof.

You can help improve the drainage of your roof by discussing drainpipes and metal roofing or flashing with your roofing contractor, like one at Roof Right. Metal roofing can be installed all over the roof including the dormers to ensure all of the tight corners are well protected from water seepage. Or, if you prefer to use another roofing material, metal flashing segments can be bent around areas of concern, such as the dormer connecting point, while another material is used for the main roofing material.

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