Maintenance And Repair Concerns Of A Green Roof

If you have recently had a green roof installed, you may be wondering what kind of maintenance is required and what types of things go wrong and require repairs. Some of the maintenance may not be something the roofing company will handle, such as pulling out dead plants and replacing them. A green roof not only has its own problems, it also has some a regular roof may have. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for so you can have the roof repaired before the situation gets bad.


While it is true that a green roof can receive a lot of its water needs from the rain in certain environments, having an irrigation system in place will ensure that the plants get enough water to survive in a place that is always getting direct sunlight. If you notice that the plants are starting to dry out, or the planting medium is cracking, it is time to have the irrigation checked and repaired. Of course, if you notice things are too wet up there, have the roofer make sure the system is set properly and not overwatering everything.


Drainage can also be a problem with green roofs. If it has been raining or snowing heavily, or your irrigation system is putting out too much water, you need to have adequate drainage or your plants can drown. It is also possible that too much water will be too heavy for your roof, making it more likely to warp or collapse. If you notice no water draining off of the roof after an especially hard rain, you should have the roofing contractor check to make sure there is not a clog or something covering the drains.


Leaks are a concern with any roof, but when you have a green roof, you need to actively check for them regularly. It is not that a green roof will develop leaks more than a conventional roof, but the fact that repairing a leak is more difficult. Go up into the attic or crawlspace after hard rains to make sure everything is still intact. At the first sign of condensation, contact the installer to come and make the repair. This will help keep the repair to a minimum and you won't have as much of the growing medium and plant life disturbed.

Having a green roof is beneficial to the community by reducing the urban heat effect and improving air quality. It is a benefit to you by being more energy efficient and reducing the outside noises that may bother you. As long as you keep up with the maintenance and repairs it will last roughly 2 times longer than a conventional roof, so keep in contact with a local roof repair company. 

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