Three Ways To Update An Old Commercial Building To Be More Energy Efficient

Many things can be done to reduce the energy loss in commercial buildings. Improvements to roof areas are some of the most practical and affordable solutions to reduce energy loss in your commercial building. Some of the things that can be done include adding rigid foam and roof coatings. If you want to reduce energy costs of your business, here are some roof and ceiling improvements that you may want to consider:

1. Adding Spray Foam Insulation To The Roof

Spray foam can help to reduce energy loss in a commercial building. It can also be installed in several different ways. One solution is to spray the foam on roof structures beneath the roof to insulate the building. Another solution is to use spray foam as part of a new roof coating, which will have a layer of foam and then a plastic coating that will help reflect heat from the sun. This can be a good solution for buildings that have commercial refrigeration for cold storage.

2. Using A Dropped Ceiling In Air Conditioned Areas

Dropped ceilings can also add to the energy efficiency of your building. The entire building may not be air conditioned—often, storage areas are not. Consider adding dropped or acoustic ceilings. These will provide insulation for finished areas and prevent energy loss in roof areas that often do not need heating or cooling. It will also help to make your business more attractive.

3. Adding A Reflective Roof Coating To The Building

For old roofing, a roof coating can help to reduce energy loss. This can especially be good for areas with warm weather. The reflective coating helps to reflect UV radiation that can cause a building to heat up. The coating is a white plastic like paint that is applied to the roof in layers to provide protection. The coating can also help to protect materials, such as metal, which can become worn over time. This is an affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of a commercial roof without completely replacing it.  You will be able to add years of life to your roof by having it coated.

These are some of the roof and ceiling improvements that you may want to consider to reduce energy costs for your business. If you are ready to update your roofing, contact a roof coating service such as Skywalker Roofing and have them add a coating to your roof to reduce energy loss.

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