Four Common Problems With Vinyl Siding And Repairing Them Quickly

If you are looking for a durable and affordable siding for your home, vinyl can be a good choice of materials. Even though it is very durable, this does not mean that it will not need to have a few repairs done to it over the years. Some of the repairs that you may face include reattaching loose piece or replacing pieces with cracks and heat damage. Here are some of the repairs and maintenance that you may need to do to your vinyl siding:

1. Repairing Loose Pieces Of Siding On Walls And Eaves

For one reason or another, the vinyl siding on your home can come loose. This is usually an easy fix that involves snapping the siding back into place. It can happen on the walls, or it may be a piece of soffit on the eaves. Try pushing the siding in until you hear a clicking sound. Do this along the entire piece of siding. When it is back in place, you can use a small finish nail to fasten it, but make sure you do this on the bottom edge and cover it with a dab of clear caulking.

2. Replacing The Occasional Cracked Piece Of Siding

The siding on your home can also be cracked due to things like it being hit with an object, such as a tree branch. To repair this, you will want to remove the damaged piece and put a new piece in its place. You can pull on the seam until it makes a zipping sound, then unzip it all the way. A putty knife will work for this. Slide the new piece in and nail it in place.

3. Repairing Damage To Siding Caused By Heat Sources

If your siding has been exposed to heat, such as a grill too close or a fire at a neighboring home, the siding can melt. In this case, the entire damaged section will need to be replaced. You can remove it starting from the top and working your way down. If there are undamaged pieces, save them to reinstall later. Just nail the new siding back the way it was installed. Another option is to have new siding installed in a different style to give your home a different look.

4. Preventing Fading Of Siding By Cleaning With A UV Protector

The siding on different areas of your home can be exposed to different hazards. If you have areas that get a lot of direct sunlight, the UV rays can cause fading. To prevent this, use vinyl cleaning products that have a UV protector in them. This will prevent the deterioration and fading that sunlight exposure can cause.

These are some of the maintenance needs of vinyl siding. If you siding needs to be replaced or repaired, contact a siding installation contractor, like Lassiter Roofing Team, to get the help you need with major repairs to the siding on your home.

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