Four Factors To Keep In Mind Before Committing To A Clay Tile Roof

If you're looking for eco-friendly roofing options, you've probably considered clay tiles. Made from natural clay, these tiles are one of the most earth-friendly roofing options out there. However, they are not for everyone. Before you commit to a clay tile roof, be sure to consider these factors.  


Clay tiles roofs are substantially heavier than the standard asphalt or metal roof. If you currently have another type of roof on your home, you'll want to talk to an engineer to ensure your home's structure is strong enough to support a clay tile roof. Failing to do so could lead to cracks in your walls and a potentially dangerous situation in which your walls are prone to collapse. Don't get too worried—many homes can support tile roofs—but it's absolutely essential to make sure yours can before committing to this roofing style.


The most common color of clay tile is terra cotta orange. If this color does not look great with your home, there are other color options, but they may be harder to find and more expensive. Make sure your roofing contractor is able to get the color you want before you commit to a tile roof, or you may be stuck with terra cotta. Neutral cream or beige and dark brown can be found without too much struggle. Brighter colors, like green or rust, are harder to find and tend to be more expensive.

Insulating Value

Tile roofs offer excellent insulation. They do an exceptional job of keeping the summer heat outside and the winter heat inside. If you're getting this kind of roof, make sure you're not wasting money on unneeded insulation. If you've been thinking of upgrading your insulation, you may be able to get away without doing so if you simply upgrade to a tile roof.

Repair Needs

Tile roofs can last many decades, but they will need occasional repairs. Strong weather can cause some of the tiles to crack, and these will need to be replaced by an experienced roofer. So, it's important to work with a roofing company that is prompt in responding to your calls and has a great reputation—you'll be seeing them for repairs in the future. Also, make sure you are vigilant about getting your roof repaired as soon as you notice cracked tiles, so you don't develop leaks. 

If your home can support the weight and you can find a color you love, a clay tile roof is an excellent choice. Talk to a roofing contractor (such as one from Absolute Roofing) today to learn more about this option.  

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