2 Ways To Improve Your Tile Roofing

Tile roofing continues to be hugely popular, mainly because of the rustic flair and beauty it gives to homes. The roofing material also has a host of benefits, including superior insulation and low maintenance. Tile roofs are hugely popular in coastal regions and areas prone to forest fires, as they are resistant to salt corrosion and fire.

Caring for your tile roofing is essential to increasing its lifespan and improving its performance. This article looks at how roof sarking and regular cleaning could improve your tile roofing.

Tile roof sarking

Roof tiles provide a beautiful, tough exterior that shields your home from the elements, but they often require an underlying layer of reinforcement to improve their insulation and water retention. A pliable laminated plastic membrane (known as sarking) can be rolled out beneath the roof tiles to offer added protection to underlying roof structures. This can be especially important if you live in warm, moist climate areas where heat and excessive moisture are a concern.

Tile sarking offers a shield against radiant heat, improving your roof insulation and thus helping keep your home cool and comfy. The sarking layer also helps keep out wind driven rain from breaching the roof cavity, thus preventing rotting of underlying structures, mold growth and ceiling staining. Sarking also limits draughts blowing into the roof space, effectively reducing dust infiltration around downlights and vents, which effectively improves the quality in your home air. 

Tile roof cleaning

Cleaning your tile roofing is an important part of preserving its beauty and structural strength. Using a pressure washer to spray a chlorine or sodium hydroxide solution across the roof surface should help dislodge mold, stains and mildew, giving your roof a bright, appealing look. Regular cleaning could also help reveal cracks, draft and leaks early on, so you can take corrective action early on before it becomes extensive.

Any damaged tiles should be replaced with new ones to prevent leaks and improve insulation. You should also apply a fresh coat of sealant after washing the tiles, as the cleaning process could peel off tile paint, exposing the tiles to harmful UV rays.

While cleaning your roof, remember that the tiles are fragile and can easily break under your weight. A good way to avoid this is to use a piece of plywood to distribute your weight as you walk on the roof surface.

Cleaning and sarking could help drastically improve the longevity, aesthetic appeal and performance of your tile roof.

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