Repair Tips For Common Roof Leak Areas

Summer brings unpredictable moisture patterns including rainstorms and gale-force winds that are often responsible for damage to roofing. Maintaining your roof early on is important to ensuring it remains intact and able to avoid leaking during stormy weather.

Identifying areas of your roof that are more likely to develop leaks can help you take preventive measures and avert extensive damage. This article focuses on 2 problem areas on a typical roof where leaking could occur.

Around the chimney

Chimneys tend to be very prone to leaking due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the cement caps around the chimney tend to crack due to thermal expansion, leading to gaps that let in moisture. There could also be a problem of old, dried caulking and roof sealant around the chimney base peeling off and exposing the roofing material to water seepage. In other cases, cracked cement caps and loose flashing could be the source of the leak around the chimney,

To prevent any issues, it is important to schedule a roof inspection with your local roofer so that any damage around the chimney can be diagnosed and repaired before the rains come. Roofers often use high-quality flashing cement to re-caulk damaged areas, including gaps caused by cracked mortar joints or displaced stones/bricks. Cracked cement caps and damaged flashing should then be replaced to tighten the shingles making contact with the chimney and keep the area waterproof.

Leaks around skylights

Skylights can be wonderful additions to your roof, letting more natural light into your home and making rooms appear brighter and more spacious. However, the point of contact between the skylight and the roof shingles tends to be very prone to leaks. In most cases, replacing worn out flashing and re-caulking poor flashing seals around this area stops the leaking.

However, there are many other problem areas that could be the source of the leaking, including glass fractures or loose fasteners. Have a roofer check the drywall around the skylight for any signs of leakage, including bulging or cracking. Any gaps in these areas can then be sealed using new fasteners and caulking.

If there is any cracking to the skylight glass, either caused by wind-blown debris, ice or falling branches, call in a roofer like A-J Roofing & Waterproofing Co to replace the glass immediately. Skylights that open up to let in fresh air can also develop leaks when the gears that raise them up and down fail or jam, so be sure to have them tested and repaired to ensure the roof surface is waterproof.

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