Reasons to Use a Metal Roof on Your House

Any well-installed roof can protect your home from precipitation, but torrential rain is not the only thing you have to worry about. To protect your roof from anything that Mother Nature can throw at you, you need a roof that is designed to be impervious. The most weather and damage–resistant roof you can find is a metal roof. 

Protection against Ice

The main section of your roof will be warmed by your house, but the eaves have nothing but air underneath them, so they tend to be much colder. Thus, when water melts over your roof, it will run down your roof and freeze over your eaves. As layer after layer of ice builds up on your roof, it can cause water to pool up over your roof and then run under your shingles, which can then create leaks, which can wreak havoc in your home. Metal roofs come in panels that extend from the eaves to the ridge, so they will not allow water to run under your roofing. 

Fire Protection

If you live in an area that is prone to wild fires, or you use a wood-burning stove to heat your home, you need to consider whether your roof is susceptible to fire. Wooden or asphalt shingles can ignite with nothing more than a stray spark from a fire. Metal is impervious to sparks, so it will protect your home from neighboring fires. 

Wind Protection

A strong wind can catch the bottom of a  shingle, which will cause it to flap in the wind. This flapping can cause the shingles to tear. A strong enough wind can rip the shingles right off of your roof. If you live in hurricane alley, or in the midwest, where tornadoes are common, you may want to protect your home from gale-force winds. Metal panels do not have any loose ends to get caught in the wind, and they are screwed down to your roof, so they will hold the panels in place even in the face of a strong wind. 

When you need the ultimate in weather protection, you cannot just go with whatever roofing material comes at the lowest price. While asphalt roofing is the cheapest material on the market, it may leave you unprotected from the worst that nature can throw at you. While a metal roof will cost more money than an asphalt roof, it will give you better protection, so it is a better value in the long run. For more information, talk to a professional like GBS Enterprises Roofing.

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